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HEALTH/WELLNESS March 23, 2020

The Province of Nova Scotia Declares a State of Emergency

A Provincial State of Emergency, to help contain the spread of COVID-19, will be in effect for 14 days and may be renewed.
The Emergency order will be valid until noon on 5 April 2020. A list (not inclusive) closures of orders follows below.
Nova Scotians should not leave the province and only leave home for essential items and services

Until further notice, Canadians returning from travel abroad must comply with a mandatory quarantine. Offenders face a fine of up to $750,000 and a maximum prison term of six months.

► There are to be no social gatherings of more than 5 people

► Public schools will be closed for the weeks of March 23 and March 30

► N.S borders will tighten to travellers and all entry points (land/sea/air) will be closely managed

► Anyone entering the province will be stopped, questioned and told to self-isolate for 14 days. Exemptions include healthy workers in trades and transportations sectors who move goods and people, healthy people going to work, (e.g. health-care workers) and people travelling into the province for essential health services (e.g. chemotherapy treatment)

► All licensed childcare providers are required to close (through 3 April inclusive)

► All drinking establishments, winery and distillery rooms, and craft tap rooms must close

► Dentists can no longer practice dentistry in their offices unless they deem it necessary to perform an emergency dental procedure in the best interest of the patients health

► Personal services like hair salons, barber shops, spas, nail salons ands body art establishments must closse.

► All fitness establishments, like gyms, must close

► Long-term care facilities are closed to all visitors

► Employers cnnot require a doctor's note if an employee must be off work

► No tenant can be evicted because their income has been impacted by COVID-19 (effective for next 3 months)

► University students from Nova Scotia who are living in residences need to go home

► N.S. Health Authority has restricted visitors and suspended all non-urgent appointments and services

► IWK Health Certre has restricted visitors and suspended all non-urgent appointments and services.

► Casinos in Halifax and Sydney are closed; bar owners can no longer operate VLT's

For information on how to self-isolate, visit: How-to-isolate-at-home HERE..

Anyone who has travelled outside of Canada or has been in close contact with someone who has and are experiencing
fever (above 38C) or cough should complete the online questionnaire
to see whether you need to call 811.

The online questionnaire can be found at: 811.novascotia.ca

The Public Health Agency of Canada maintains a list of affected areas:HERE

Frequently updated NOVA SCOTIA information
and links to sources for information is available at

Frequently updated FEDERAL information
and links to sources for information is available at
Coronavirus Information - Canada

Global updates on transmission within countries are available


Covid-19 Coronavirus spread WILL affect Medoc Cancellation
and out of Province/Country Claims.
To view some Covid-19 Coronavirus FAQ's, AND, for information on how the Covid-19 Coronavirus spread will affect your Medoc travel coverage,
A formal FAQ, subject to change without notice),
has been provided by Medavie Blue Cross for the coverage that is in effect
for NSTU plan members insured under the following policy numbers as it stands today:

NSTU MEDOC Group Travel: #11580000
NSTU MEDOC Trip Cancellation / Interruption: # 11581000
These policy numbers can be found on your confirmation of coverage letter
or on your travel insurance subscriber card.

To view this comprehensive FAQ, check HERE.

Johnson Inc.is the administrator for this plan and Medavie Blue Cross is the underwriter
meaning Medavie Blue Cross develops the policy wording as to what the will be covered and what will not
The Nova Scotia Health and Wellness site, with information pertaining to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, can be accessed HERE.


Johnson Inc has CLOSED their branches to walk-in traffic effective March 17th., 2020.
Johnson operations and claims teams will continue to be available by phone to support RTO members. To keep RTO members informed they update through their website www.johnson.ca/coronavirus

Nova Scotia Pension Services

Out of concern for the health of our members, retirees and our team members, we have decided0 to minimize in-person contact within our office, effective Monday March 16, 2020. Effective Monday, NS Pension Services Corporation will be closed to anyone who does not have a prescheduled appointment with us.Specifically, unplanned drop-in visits from our members and retirees are suspended until further notice.continue to welcome contact by phone or email. You may contact us by calling the following numbers, between 8 am and 5 pm AST: 1-800-774-5070 (toll free in NS), 1-902-424-5070 (long distance), or 902-424-5070 (local).
You may also email us at pensionsinfo@nspension.ca ; and check out our website https://www.novascotiapension.ca/

President/Vice-President and Member at Large Positions

The following RTO Table Officer positions are open for the 2020-2022 term.
President ☆ 2-year position
Vice-President ☆ 2-year position

The application deadline to apply for these poitions was February 28th., 2020.

These positions will be filled at the RTO AGM in Halifax on May 21, 2020.

Member-at-Large Positions are open for Nomination
in the following three regions for the 2020-2022 term.

Cape Breton-Victoria (Glace Bay District, New Waterford, Sydney and Area, and Northside-Victoria Branches) ☆ 2 year position.

South Shore (Lunenburg County, Queens, and Shelburne County Branches) ☆ 2 year position.

Valley (Annapolis, Kings, and West Hants Branches)☆ 2 year position.

The application form for a Member-at-Large position is posted on this website HERE
This information also appears in the Winter edition of the RTO Newsletter.
Interested candidates must submit a completed application to his/her Branch President by April 1, 2020.
Please check HERE for more complete details. The names of the elected Members-at-Large will be announced at the RTO AGM on May 21, 2020. : RTO Nominations Chair.

2020-2021 RTO Committee Applications

The RTO invites applications from members who would like to be considered for service on one of the five RTO provincial committees: Research/Review; Communications; Membership; Pension/Benefits and Programs.

These committees normally meet four times each year in Halifax. A description of the responsibilities of each committee is spelled out on the application form..
If you are interested in serving on one of these committees view, complete and submit the following Committee Application Form.

: Note: The Deadline for Applications is June 15th., 2020

2020 RTO Annual General Meeting

(RTO-February 28th., 2020) The RTO 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the NSTU Building on Thursday May 21st., 2020 at 9:30 AM. .
The RTO AGM Dinner will be held at Brightwood Golf and Country Club, School Street, Dartmouth on Wednesday, May 20th., 2020 at 6:30 PM.
Busses will be available for transportation from the Hotel Halifax at 5:30 PM to Brightwood and back at 8:30 PM..
Accommodations: A block of rooms in the name of the Retired Teachers Organization (RTO) has been reserved at the Hotel Halifax (formerly Delta Halifax downtown) for delegates requiring accommodation. The room rate is $99.00 plus tax which includes a hot buffet breakfast and free parking. Please call the hotel at 1-902-425-6700 or 1-888-423-3582 prior to April 20th, 2020 to make reservations and book your room under the RTO block. You will need to show your RTO card at the hotel reception desk.There is no direct-billing, therefore delegates must pay for their room prior to checking out. Those who are eligible will be reimbursed after filling out the RTO expense form. The RTO will reimburse Branch Presidents’ accommodation only for the evening of May 20, 2020.
Registration: Please complete the registration form available HERE , if you plan to attend the RTO AGM Dinner and/or the RTO Annual General Meeting. Entrance to the Annual General Meeting is the front door of the NSTU Building which is wheelchair accessible and close to the elevator. 2020 RTO.

2018 Annual Nova Scotia Teachers Pension Plan Report

Note: The 2018 Nova Scotia Teachers Pension Plan (NSTPP) Annual Report is available to view online on the Teachers’ Pension Plan website under NSTPP Members Publications.
The 2018 Report provides you with interesting statistics about the state of your NSTPP and its audited financial statements.
It also includes information on the NSTPP’s 2018 investment performance and its financial status at year-end December 31, 2018.

Click on the above image to view the full WINTER 2020 RTO Newsletter!




One of the four priorities which emanated from the ACER-CART AGM, in June 2017,

was to investigate and develop strategies to produce resources

for retired teachers and seniors to counter elder abuse.

As Chair of the ACER-CART Political Advocacy Committee I was tasked to respond to this priority.
I spent considerable time researching the issue and produced a position paper for the ACER-CART Executive Committee.
The Committee thought the information was so urgent and timely that it was decided to provide the information in a document entitled "Elder Abuse " in English and French and presented it to ACER-CART delegates at the June 2018 AGM
An information brochure is available here to view, in English OR French.
Bill Berryman - ACER-CART President

2020 RTO Annual General Meeting Resolutions

Note: In accordance with the RTO Constitution, Resolutions to be presented at the 2020 AGM can be found here. These resolutions will presented at the RTO AGM in Halifax, May 21st., 2020, for debate and approval.


a dynamic process of change and growth and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

If you have questions regarding your health and well being
be sure to check out the Wellness Links
on the side bar.

NEW: October, 2019 RTO Wellness Symposium images

are now available HERE


NSTU/RTO Deals & Discounts

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Declaration of Agreement
Concerning a National Health Care Strategy for Seniors

During the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) Annual General Meeting at the Canadian Teachers Federation Building in Ottawa on June 3-4, 2016 the following resolution was approved by delegates from the thirteen organizations:
That ACER-CART recommend to its member organizations that they endorse the Declaration of Agreement concerning a National Health Care Strategy for Seniors.
This document was then debated at the RTO Executive meeting on August 9, 2016 and the following motion was approved unanimously:
That the RTO endorse the Declaration of Agreement concerning a National Health Care Strategy for Seniors.
Click below, to view details of the Declaration of Agreement and the endorsements received to August 17, 2016, as approved by the RTO:
(English Version) , Declaration of Agreement concerning a National Health Care Strategy for Seniors
or (French Version), Une Déclaration D'accord National sur les Soins de Santé pour les Aînés

ACER-CART Recommends McMasters Optimal Aging Portal

Newspapers and the Internet cover lots of stories about health care for the aging Canadian, but the emphasis is usually on drama (dramatic findings from a new study, dramatic events with no mention of related scientific research), with less emphasis on substance.
Readers are left to wonder which information to trust.
At the recent June board meeting, The Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) unanimously passed a resolution to support the McMaster University Optimal Aging Portal as part of a platform for the development of a National Seniors Strategy.
The Portal features quality scientific evidence about healthy aging information that can help Canadians remain healthy, active and engaged as long as possible, and to manage their health conditions.
The Portal evaluates health research and resources, telling users whether free health resources on the Internet and in newspaper stories are based on scientific research, are reliable, and are worthy of note.
The articles are written in consumer-friendly language.
Users can register for free at: McMasters Optimal Aging Portal and gain easy access to search the full content of the Portal. To keep up to-date with new research and receive lists of new content recently added to the Portal, users can opt in to receive Email alerts about how to stay healthy, active and engaged as they grow older. Users can also follow@Mac_AgingNews or the Portal on Facebook for news and evidence about optimal aging.

RTO WINTER 2020 Newsletter

The WINTER 2020 Retired Teacher Newsletter is now available, To view it, simply check here.


2019 -2020 Newsletter Article Submission Deadlines.
To allow for timely publication of "The Retired Teacher" newsletter,
all items for submission must be received by
April 15th., 2020 (Spring Issue)
Submitted items must be sent to the , prior to these dates.

April is Advance Care Planning Month

Advance Care Planning: a process of reflection and communication.  It is a time for you to reflect on your values and wishes, and let others know what kind of health and personal care you would want in the future. if you become incapable of consenting to or refusing treatment or other care. Speak Up is a national program which promotes and advocates starting the conversation, making decisions and thinking about how we take care of each other.
For more information on Advance Care Planning you can contact  Advance Care Planning or The Nova Scotia Hospice Palliative Care Association
 The Retired Teachers Organization and the Nova Scotia Hospice Palliative Care Association are  jointly providing leadership for the planning to our membership and community.
 If your RTO Branch is interested in conducting an Advance Care Planning Workshop, please  contact your Branch President or Alyson Hillier at hillieac@gmail.com

Seniors Advisory Council of Nova Scotia (Group of IX)
2019-2020 Priorities

The Seniors Advisory Council of Nova Scotia will advocate for seniors in this province
for measurable improvements in the following priorities
by being informed and influencing the decision makers in various government departments
responsible to carry out the actions of the priority.

► Patient Centered Health Care

► Support the Continued Implementation of SHIFT: Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for an Aging Population

►Financial and Pension Security in Retirement

► Facilitate the Participation of Seniors in Nova Scotia’s Economic Recovery

► Support for Caregivers

Note: The work of the Seniors Advisory Council will be facilitated via communication and reporting mechanisms to and from its membership and government.
More details are available here. If you have any questions please contact Bill Berryman at 902-633-2211 or by e-mail at:.

MEDOC® Insurer

Medavie Blue Cross is your MEDOC® provider The NSTU Group Insurance Trustees announced that effective September 1st., 2014, Medavie Blue Cross was now your MEDOC® provider for the Travel Insurance and Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance.. Additional information is available here. (However, if you have questions about the programs, you must call Johnson Inc. 902-453-9543 (Local) or 1-800-453-9543 (toll-free).

Coverage Extended for Out of Province Travel/Pharmacy Refills

Out of Province Travel/Pharmacy Changes:
Since August 1st, 2014, Nova Scotian can travel out of the province for a total of seven months per year without losing their MSI coverage.
- Anyone who uses provincial Pharmacare programs will also be able to get up to three 90-day refills of their medications before they leave.
- Vacationers planning a long trip will have to let MSI know in advance of their absence to ensure you are covered. Call toll-free 1-800-563-8880
- For further details, please check here.

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