2022 RTO Annual General Meeting Resolutions DEADLINE December 15th., 2022

The RTO Resolutions Commitee invites resolutions from the RTO Executive, RTO Branches and individual RTO members. All resolutions submitted to the committee must be accompanied by a brief that describes the intent and rationale for the resolution.
Briefs should be concise and clear.
Submitted resolutions will be presented for debate and approval at the 2023 RTO AGM Meeting
Please submit your resolution, using the AGM RESOLUTION FORM

to RTO Resolutions Chair

All submissions must be received by the committee by December 15th, 2022.

Check Environment Canada HERE for details!

Nova Scotia Supreme Court Ruling declares Bill 75 Unconstitutional

Nova Scotia Teachers Union v. Nova Scotia (Attorney General):
2022 NSSC 168 - 2022-06-13 (Source: Docket HFX No 469869 WWW.COURTS.NS.CA >>):

In 2017 the N.S. provincial government passed Bill 75, ending contract negotiations with the NSTU teachers and the province/ When enacted, it stripped the union of the right to strike and imposed a four-year collective agreement along with a three percent salary increase.

(UPDATE: June 13, 2022) The Nova Scotia Supreme Court struck down Bill 75 ruling all sections of that Act together with the Schedule to that Act violated Section 2(d) of the Charter and those violations were not justified under section 1 of the Charter; and were unconstitutional and of no force or effect. The full decision can be found by searching decisions at 2022 NS Court Decisions or simply viewing a .pdf version on this website at HERE. .


THE RTO BRANCH REQUEST TO HOST THE 2023 RTO GOLF TOURNAMENT FORM is now available under the Horizontal menu item, Documents

► Know a retired teacher who would like to join the RTO? Application forms are available under the Horizontal menu item, Documents

FLU SHOTS are now available. Check with your doctor or pharmacist for an appointment

► NS HEALTH informaton to book vaccination appointments, Covid symptoms, Testing, Alerts and much more is available HERE

► The RTO request for Proposal to supply Bookkeeping Service is extended to 5:00 pm AST on Tuesday, November 15th, 2022.

► RTO/NSTU Deals and Discounts has been updated - Latest issue - October 2022

► Fall Covid Vaccinations are Still now available - Book Now!

► A Summary of Your Insurance Group Plan is now available in Frequently Acessed Documents.

► All RTO Committees have been updated for 2022-2023

► RTO Past President Bill Berryman was elected 2022-2023 Vice-President of ACER-CART.

► The NS Positive Aging Directory gives quick and easy access to the many programs and services offered to seniors in our province. Complete the form at: https://novascotia.ca/seniors/directory/ to request a complimentary print copy.

2021 Annual Nova Scotia Teachers Pension Plan Report

(APRIL 2022): Your 2021 Nova Scotia Teachers Pension Plan (NSTPP) Annual Report is now available HERE, or for viewing online on the Teachers’ Pension Plan website under NSTPP Members Publications. The Report provides statistics about the state of your NSTPP and its audited financial statements, plus information on the NSTPP’s 2020-2021 investment performance and its financial status at year-end December 31, 2021.

2022 RTO Annual General Meeting Resolutions Disposition

(UPDATE, MAY 24th., 2022) In accordance with the RTO Constituion, resolutions were submitted to the 2022 AGM for debate and approval. Final deposition of the 2022 resolutions are available HERE.


Appointed by joint agreement of the province and the NSTU, this independent panels mandate is to review and analyze the Nova Scotia Teachers Pension Plan (NSTPP), educate and consult with stakeholders, and make non-binding recommendations to fully fund the NSTPP within a reasonable period of time.

All plan members and interested parties should visit https://www.nstpppanel.ca
The Panel will be preparing a report with non-binding recommendations to be submitted to the Province and the NSTU.


After 728 days, March 21, 2022 marked the end of the State of Emergency in Nova Scotia.

☆ ☆Public Health Infomation Nova Scotia ☆ ☆

October 2022 - For General NS HEALTH information on COVID-19 including:

► symptoms and Testing

► Alerts, News and Data

► Vaccination Appointment Bookings

► Symptoms and Testing

► How to Self-isolate

► Mental Health and wellbeing check: HERE

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Check HERE to determine which existing public health directives around social distancing and social gatherings remain in place.


The Host application form - Curling - is available HERE



2021 RTO Annual General Meeting Resolutions

Note: In accordance with the RTO Constitution, Resolutions submitted to the 2021 AGM and can be found here. These resolutions were presented at the RTO AGM in Halifax, for debate and approval.

Final deposition of these resolutions is available HERE.

Medical Alert Devices

Northwood Medical Alert Devices

The RTO has negotiated a three-year agreement with Northwood Corporation on the following benefits for members and their families (spouse/partner/parents/parents-in-law/children, sister, or brother) .

A discounted Basic Alarm System

A discounted Automatic Fall Detection System

For a detailed description of these items including costs and contact information.Click HERE

If you have any questions please contact Bill Berryman at 902-633-2211 or by e-mail at:.

New Insurance-Related Benefits in the 2020 Teachers’ Provincial Agreement

On November 18, 2020 members of the NSTU ratified a new 4-year collective agreement
Upon ratification, the following ancillary benefits will be retroactive to August 1, 2019:

► 80% coverage of the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (Free Style Libre).

► Increased supplement from $600 to $750 for hearing aids purchases, In any 36-month period.

► increased cost of maintaince of prosthetic or other appliances to $200 in any 12 month period.
► 80% coverage for cochlear implant upgrades, parts and accessories

Johnson, our consultant, is working closely with our insurance provider, Medavie Blue Cross, to ensure these new benefits are added to our plan as quickly as possible.
To get a better understanding of the new benefits, when they will be available and how to submit claims, please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions.
Remember: You can also review these or the many other benefits and programs available to you through the NSTU Group Insurance Plan, by visiting our website at www.nstuinsurance.ca

NSTU Group Insurance Trustees have rebranded MEDOC®

MEDOC® is a registered name for the Travel Insurance program of Johnson Inc., where this product was previously underwritten. (Since 2014, the RTO Medoc® underwriter provider has been Medavie Blue Cross.)

To ensure the brand of our plan is easily identifiable, the NSTU Group Insurance Trustees have re-branded the name of our travel insurance from MEDOC® to NSED Travel Insurance, effective September 1, 2020. . You will receive the same great coverage, just under a different name and the contact information remains the same as it is on your ID card. The ID card you currently have will remain valid and an updated ID card referencing this name change will be issued at a later date.

To help understand why, we have put together the following Frequently Asked Questions
If you have further questions regarding this name change, please contact the Administrator, Johnson Inc., at (902) 453-9543 or 1-800-453-9543 (toll-free). You can also find more information regarding your NSED Travel Insurance Plan and all of your other NSTU Group Insurance benefits by visiting


NSTU/RTO Deals & Discounts

Be sure to check for the latest NSTU/RTO Deals & Discounts (OCTOBER 2022) HERE
or on the side bar.

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Below are sources for the latest updates on Covid-19

► The NOVA SCOTIA HEALTH AND WELLNESS SITE has all the latest Nova Scotia information pertaining to Covid-19 and can be accessed HERE.

Check HERE to determine which existing public health directives around social distancing and social gatherings remain in place.

► The PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCY OF CANADA maintains a list of affected areas HERE

►Frequently updated FEDERAL INFORMATION and links to sources for information is available at Coronavirus Information - Canada

►To View DAILY GLOBAL UPDATES from Johns Hopkins on transmission and confirmed cases within countries are available CLICK HERE


Johnson Inc has CLOSED their branches to walk-in traffic effective March 17th., 2020.
Johnson operations and claims teams will continue to be available by phone to support RTO members. To keep RTO members informed they update through their website www.johnson.ca/coronavirus

Nova Scotia Pension Services

Out of concern for the health of our members, retirees and our team members, we have decided to minimize in-person contact within our office, effective Monday March 16, 2020. Effective Monday, NS Pension Services Corporation will be closed to anyone who does not have a prescheduled appointment with us.Specifically, unplanned drop-in visits from our members and retirees are suspended until further notice. We continue to welcome contact by phone or email. You may contact us by calling the following numbers, between 8 am and 5 pm AST: 1-800-774-5070 (toll free in NS), 1-902-424-5070 (long distance), or 902-424-5070 (local).
You may also email us at pensionsinfo@nspension.ca ; and check out our website https://www.novascotiapension.ca/

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Comments can be sent to to the



One of the four priorities which emanated from the ACER-CART AGM, in June 2017,

was to investigate and develop strategies to produce resources

for retired teachers and seniors to counter elder abuse.

As Chair of the ACER-CART Political Advocacy Committee I was tasked to respond to this priority.
I spent considerable time researching the issue and produced a position paper for the ACER-CART Executive Committee.
The Committee thought the information was so urgent and timely that it was decided to provide the information in a document entitled "Elder Abuse " in English and French and presented it to ACER-CART delegates at the June 2018 AGM
An information brochure is available here to view, in English OR French.
Bill Berryman - ACER-CART President


a dynamic process of change and growth and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

If you have questions regarding your health and well being
be sure to check out the Wellness Links
on the side bar.

NEW: October, 2019 RTO Wellness Symposium images

are now available HERE


Declaration of Agreement
Concerning a National Health Care Strategy for Seniors

During the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) Annual General Meeting at the Canadian Teachers Federation Building in Ottawa on June 3-4, 2016 the following resolution was approved by delegates from the thirteen organizations:
That ACER-CART recommend to its member organizations that they endorse the Declaration of Agreement concerning a National Health Care Strategy for Seniors.
This document was then debated at the RTO Executive meeting on August 9, 2016 and the following motion was approved unanimously:
That the RTO endorse the Declaration of Agreement concerning a National Health Care Strategy for Seniors.
Click below, to view details of the Declaration of Agreement and the endorsements received to August 17, 2016, as approved by the RTO:
(English Version) , Declaration of Agreement concerning a National Health Care Strategy for Seniors
or (French Version), Une Déclaration D'accord National sur les Soins de Santé pour les Aînés

ACER-CART Recommends McMasters Optimal Aging Portal

Newspapers and the Internet cover lots of stories about health care for the aging Canadian, but the emphasis is usually on drama (dramatic findings from a new study, dramatic events with no mention of related scientific research), with less emphasis on substance.
Readers are left to wonder which information to trust.
At the recent June board meeting, The Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) unanimously passed a resolution to support the McMaster University Optimal Aging Portal as part of a platform for the development of a National Seniors Strategy.
The Portal features quality scientific evidence about healthy aging information that can help Canadians remain healthy, active and engaged as long as possible, and to manage their health conditions.
The Portal evaluates health research and resources, telling users whether free health resources on the Internet and in newspaper stories are based on scientific research, are reliable, and are worthy of note.
The articles are written in consumer-friendly language.
Users can register for free at: McMasters Optimal Aging Portal and gain easy access to search the full content of the Portal. To keep up to-date with new research and receive lists of new content recently added to the Portal, users can opt in to receive Email alerts about how to stay healthy, active and engaged as they grow older. Users can also follow@Mac_AgingNews or the Portal on Facebook for news and evidence about optimal aging.


The Retired Teacher JUNE 2022 Newsletter is now on line. Click the image above to read the Current Issue

Comments can be sent to to the

April is Advance Care Planning Month

April 16th is National Advance Care Planning Day, a day to promote conversations about your wishes and values for your future health care.
While we are excited to share news surrounding ACP Day, we must first acknowledge the challenges that we are facing with the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). As the WHO-declared pandemic, COVID-19 progresses, this is a very concerning time for many people with serious conditions and palliative care needs, as well as their families, friends and communities.
For many, COVID19 has provided an opportunity to reflect on their health and what they would want should they become seriously ill.
Advance Care Planning or ACP is a process that helps people prepare for future health care decisions and to choose decision makers in the event they are unable to speak for themselves.
The RTO has been partnering with the Nova Scotia Hospice Palliative Care Association to help people and their families prepare for a serious illness through advance care planning education. For more information on Advance Care Planning you can contact  Advance Care Planning or The Nova Scotia Hospice Palliative Care Association
 The Retired Teachers Organization and the Nova Scotia Hospice Palliative Care Association  jointly provide leadership for the planning to our membership and community.
 If your RTO Branch is interested in conducting an Advance Care Planning Workshop, please  contact your Branch President or Alyson Hillier at alyson.hillier53@gmail.com

Seniors Advisory Council of Nova Scotia (Group of IX)

The Seniors Advisory Council of Nova Scotia will advocate for seniors in this province
for measurable improvementss
by being informed and influencing the decision makers in various government departments
responsible to carry out the actions involving seniors.

Note: The work of the Seniors Advisory Council is facilitated via communication and reporting mechanisms to and from its membership and government.
If you have any questions please contact Bill Berryman at 902-684-1172 or by e-mail at:.

MEDOC® Insurer

Medavie Blue Cross is your MEDOC® provider The NSTU Group Insurance Trustees announced that effective September 1st., 2014, Medavie Blue Cross was now your MEDOC® provider for the Travel Insurance and Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance.. Additional information is available here. (However, if you have questions about the programs, you must call Johnson Inc. 902-453-9543 (Local) or 1-800-453-9543 (toll-free).

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