RTO Communications Committee 2021-2022

RTO Communications Committee:

The RTO Communication Committee has the overall responsibility for the production of The Retired Teacher and the RTO website

The RTO Communication Committee is expected to:

1. Co-ordinate the collection of news items, committee reports, and other articles for The Retired Teacher editor and the RTO webmaster.
2. Recommend to the RTO Executive the names of editor and webmaster for yearly appointments.
3. Act as a sounding board for the editor and webmaster on content for The Retired Teacher and the RTO website.
4. Recognize that there are other areas of communications within the RTO that are the responsibility of others including, and not restricted to, media contacts, productions of handbooks and brochures.

Generally the RTO Communications Committee shall:

1. Consist of a maximum of six (6) members, (7) members in 2019-2020 only) to include the editor of the Retired Teacher, the RTO Webmaster and an RTO executive Member who will act as Chair.
2. Understand that due to the nature of the work more than one member may have to serve more than one year.
3. Report directly, through the Chair, its recommendations to the RTO Executive.
4. Submit annually a tentative budget to the Treasurer.
5. Have its members selected by the RTO Executive.
6. Follow the PIPEDA guidelines.

RTO Newsletter Editor:

The RTO Executive shall appoint, on a year-to-year basis an Editor for The Retired Teacher. Previous experience with local and/or provincial newsletters would be an asset, as would a working knowledge of desktop publishing. The successful candidate must be a retired teacher and RTO member.

The responsibilities of the Newsletter Editor include:

1. Oversee the preparation and submission of material for each issue of the Retired Teacher. 2. Liaise with NSTU publication staff to ensure that the publications are printed and circulated to members as scheduled.
3. Establish publication deadlines to meet the publication dates as established by the Executive and RTO Communications Committee.
4. Publish information as directed by the RTO Executive and RTO Communications Committee.
5. Peruse other Branch RTO newsletters to be aware of issues and information that may be relevant to RTO members.
6. Solicit and accept articles of retiree/senior-appropriate material for publication.
7. Communicate with the NSTU Office Manager as to which issues of the newsletter are to be financially supported by the NSTU and/or RTO.
8. Determine the acceptability of material submitted for publication – at times in consultation with the RTO Communications Committee and-or RTO President and Executive.
9. Present a tentative budget for the Communications Committee to consider.
10. Attend other meetings as determined by the RTO President - example: Branch President Meeting.

The RTO Newsletter shall contain:

1. A President’s message in each of the issues.
2. Space for the RTO Foundation.
3. A Change of Address form in at least one issue.
4. A Member Application form as well as a list of Branch Presidents and Executive in every issue.
5. A Space for ACER-CART and Group of IX in each issue per year.
6. A Space for a report from Pension and Benefits Committee.
7. Pertinent AGM material in the issue preceding the AGM.

RTO Webmaster:

The Provincial Executive shall appoint a Webmaster on an annual basis.

The webmaster shall:

1. Revise and update the RTO website.
2. Publish information as directed by the RTO Executive and RTO Communications Committee.
3. Advise the Executive/RTO Communications Committee on matters concerning the website.
4. Submit any budget requests to Chair of Communications Committee for inclusion in Communication’s budget.

Chair 2021-2022
Marlene Boyd 35 Philpott Street Port Hawkesbury, N.S.
B9A 2G8
Newsletter Editor
Glynda Wimmer 807 Hwy 329, RR #2
Hubbards, NS
B0J 1T0
Colin J Campbell 647 Willow Street
New Waterford, NS
B1H 3W3
Dave Jones 1335 Princess Cres.,
Coldbrook, NS
B4R 1B1
John MacKay R.R. #1, Middle Ohio
Shelburne, NS
B0T 1W0
Jacinta Gracie 632 Shore Road,
Sydney Mines, NS
B1V 1A1
902-217-2627 (c)

Last Updated: Sunday, April 3rd., 2022