RTO Finance Committee: 2023-2024

To email committee members use the following email address with a request to forward it in the subject field: nsrtopresident@gmail.com

The Finance Committee's responsibilities are to prepare an annual budget, control the finances of the RTO, provide recommendations to the RTO Executive on provision of financial services or financial matters, review recommendations to RTO Executive on matters relating to finances, monitor all RTO expenditures, verify Teachers Plus Credit Union reconciliation, review financial statements for presentation to RTO Executive, review and report on matters of a financial nature, review Johnsons' monthly statement and carry out all duties as assigned by RTO Executive.

Chair and Treasurer
Jim Kavanaugh
Alyson Hillier
Bill Berryman
Ambrose White
Bonnie Mahaney
Stephen Surette

Last Update: November 1st, 2023