RTO insurance Trustee Appointee Issue

Since 2009, the RTO has made numerous unsuccessful attempts to convince the NSTU to appoint one retired teacher to the NSTU Group Insurance Trustee Board. This ongoing refusal by the NSTU has been most disheartening to the RTO.

Below are documents related to this issue.

Document #1 is a power point presentation that the RTO Executive made to the Provincial Executive in 2009 asking them to approve a retired teacher seat on the NSTU Insurance Trustees. The NSTU Provincial Executive did not even take a vote on our request.

Document #2 is a resolution and brief that the RTO drew up for NSTU Annual Council 2012, and, because the RTO is not permitted to submit a resolution NSTU locals were asked to sponsor it.

Document #3 On Dec 13, 2011, then Executive Director, Bill Redden, wrote the Provincial Executive and urged them to discourage NSTU Locals from sponsoring our resolution.

Document #4This is the RTO response to comments in Mr Redden’s letter.

Document #5 This document references the Richmond NSTU Local submission of our resolution for consideration at Council 2012. The NSTU sought legal advice and had our (Richmond) resolution ruled “out of order“.

Document #6 This is the RTO response to the legal opinion in Document #4.

Document #7The Cumberland NSTU Local did submit a resolution *Document #7) to the 2012 Council calling for a feasibility study and report to Council 2013. This resolution was passed.

Document #8In an attempt to have input into the feasibility study, the RTO submitted this document to the NSTU.

Document #9 This is the feasibility study report and the report recommended “to keep the current structure of Trustees”. This report was approved by Council delegates.
There was no discussion and no questions asked.

Last Updated: Friday, June 16, 2017